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Unspeakably Wonderful Blog

Hi there,


Welcome to the Unspeakably Wonderful blog.


Here we will keep you updated on all our exciting news and progress as our films moves towards principle photography.

Check out the great article on the film by Beyond Type 1

By atweddle, Mar 3 2018 10:22AM


Mar 7 2018 02:57AM by Jodie Feehan

Good Evening,
Just a quick comment to say I really anticipate the release of this film and I cannot express enough how much I wish for the success of this feature.
What a fascinating subject and another way to branch out on raising the awareness of the condition.
I will be heading to this site regularly to keep up to date with the latest.
Kind Regards

Mar 7 2018 06:00AM by Sandi

I'm so excited about this film! You guys should start a Kickstarter campaign.

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