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We are bringing this story to life at a time when diabetes threatens more people on the planet than ever before.


This drama is about one of the most astonishing stories in the history of medical science: the discovery of insulin. Unspeakably Wonderful tells the story of how a small-town Canadian doctor set out to find a treatment for diabetes against impossible odds. It’s a story about friendship and rivalry, despair and triumph. It’s about how discoveries are made – and the extraordinary impact such discoveries can have on peoples’ lives.  


And at a time when diabetes has once again become one of the single biggest threats to our health, we think it’s a story worth telling. 


An extraordinary script from British playwright Neil Fleming and diabetes expert Matthew Lockyer and has been optioned by Angry Man Pictures.


Matthew Lockyer writes:


I can’t remember a time when I didn’t want to make a film about the discovery of insulin. It has been in my mind’s eye most of my working life. Indeed, I have been close to diabetes since school days, when my best friend developed the condition and astonished us by brandishing syringes, eating during lessons, and getting off sports.


Neil Fleming writes:


I’ve been fascinated by this story ever since Matthew first approached me to co-write it. “The Discovery of Insulin”, you say to yourself. “That sounds kind of dry” But it’s the opposite: it’s an astonishing parable about the human spirit, a story about rivalry and love which explores how we, as people, solve problems and learn to work together. It’s also a nail-biting human drama about a race against time: to find the elixir, the secret, that will save hundreds of thousands of lives.


Tested on UK and international readers; the screenplay evokes universally powerful emotional responses, and is both moving and gripping.

And although the story told by Unspeakably Wonderful is historical, the subject matter remains of huge relevance today. Diabetes still kills an estimated one and a half million people a year, according to the WHO. And the project has already found an enthusiastic and dedicated following among the 422-million strong worldwide diabetes community and their families and friends.


There is clear commercial potential for Unspeakably Wonderful, in particular in the run-up to the 2021 hundredth anniversary of insulin’s discovery. But beyond that, the objective is to make Unspeakably Wonderful a production of world-class quality, unusually imaginative and superior in its genre – a drama that the public will appreciate and talk about because they find it moving, gripping and above all inspiring.


We wish to thank:


The Yusuf and Farida Hamied Foundation


The Banting House National Historic Site of Canada for their support with the development of this project.